The Science of Happiness

Q Sciences provides a line of wellness products, a culture of caring and a business opportunity that together make up the Science of Happiness: our formula for greater health, prosperity and well-being.

When people begin the Q Sciences journey, they quickly notice a transformative shift in how they feel in their everyday lives.
Proper Nutrition
Proper Nutrition
+ Physical Activity
Physical Activity
+ Friendship  & Community
Friendship & Community
+ Opportunity
= Happiness
Lasting happiness comes with improved well-being and a sense of accomplishment.

An all-encompassing product philosophy

Q Sciences products draw from an extensive knowledge of biological processes and nutritional science to help purify, optimize and protect both mind and body.

As you strive for purpose and happiness, all parts of the body are involved in the process. Our product line addresses each major aspect of your health, from brain function and proper nutrition to energy, adequate sleep and exercise.
Try our products and feel the Q Sciences difference.


A world-class opportunity

How fun would it be to help people feel healthier and happier—and get paid for it? That’s what Q Sciences is all about!

When founding Q Sciences, we knew our products would change lives, so our business opportunity had to follow suit. To that end, we established the most financially rewarding opportunity in the industry, with a fair and flexible compensation plan designed to put the most money and perks possible into your hands.


Q Sciences has it all!

Established leaders. Research-validated products. Time-tested financial rewards. And a proven formula for greater health and happiness.

Join our growing team of Ambassadors to experience how the Q Movement can transform your life.